Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our Novemeber trip, part four

This was such a long trip! We were there for ten days. It still seems like it wasn't long enough with as many people as Charlotte had to meet!

We had a professional photographer come take our pictures! Some of these are a behind the scenes look. The photographer's pictures are definitely much better!

look at mommy's hat! Yum, Whataburger! We don't have them here in Oregon.

Beautiful sisters

Playing with dad's-dad!

oh what a great moment with Patrick!

let's walk

Done with pictures!

Who is that outside?

Playing on the floor

Watching football with dad and dad's-dad (grandpa)

Gramacita (grandma) and Charlotte

"What is this thing Rita?"

"I'm riding a motorcycle!"

Tired Olivia


Auntie Olivia showing Charlotte stuff


Mario and Christina

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