Friday, December 12, 2008

El Paso Continued

Sorry! I am such a procrastinator. Anyways, let's continue with Charlotte's trip to El Paso! Here is picture overload!

Playing with Gracum (her great grandma!)

so pretty.

Beautiful southern sunset!

cotton bales. We've never seen this before!

mommy and Charlotte

Yoshi and Rocko

Aww, hanging out with Precious

Dad and Charlotte

yummy wine. Virginia was cooking enchiladas. Mmmmm.

Grandma Virginia and Charlotte

Watching Paul play


So tired.

... and she's out.

Outside at Peter Piper Pizza. Mommy and daddy met working at a Peter Piper Pizza!

Yummo! pizza rocks!

Driving a car

back at Nana's house!

Sitting on the couch with dad.

LOVE the new Piano Grandma Virginia gave me!

I'm a composer!

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