Sunday, November 22, 2009

Grandma Virginia's Visit - part one

We are so lucky that Mario's mom is able to come up here and see Charlotte at least a couple times a year. Mario's side of the family mostly lives in Texas and New Mexico... so far away from Charlotte! We only get to go down there maybe once every year or so. Anyways, Grandma got to come see Charlotte! The weather was kinda rainy and cold, so we didn't get to do as many outdoor things this time, but it was still a fun visit! It went by way too quickly!

Day One

Playing with the blocks that Gracum (what Mario calls his grandma) sent Charlotte. She loves them!

Reading a book together

"There's the duckling grandma!"

Day Two

Looking at her new bath time baby

Not sure why she was making the evil face, but it's funny!

Eating Grandma's cooking! She really likes mole (like the Mexican dish, not the animal, LOL).

Playing Wii with Grandma and Dad

Intently watching the game

Sharing a nice moment with Grandma. Awwww!

Day Three

Taking a walk in the park.

Demonstrating a yoga pose
Sitting in her stroller

'rella! (That's Charlotte for umbrella)

Halloween 2009

Charlotte was a bee this Halloween! Her favorite toy at the park is a bee and frog bouncy thing, so it totally fits her. So far, Halloween has been her favorite holiday. She loved all of the Halloween displays in the store and the decorated homes in our neighborhood. Since she really loved Halloween this is totally going to be a photo overload!

When she woke up from her nap she was a little cranky. I tried to put on her costume and this is what happened:

"Off! Off!"

We got her a little something to eat

then she was ready to go!

Showing her costume off to the neighbors


Ok, let's go!

So serious. She doesn't understand what Trick or Treating is yet...

The bee with her daddy

Silly bee!

Let's go ring the doorbell!

Trick or Treat!

Dad fixing her shoe

Such a beautiful bee

Mommy and Charlotte

ringing a doorbell by herself

Her loot! Not bad for one and a half!

Talking to herself in the mirror while waiting for kids to pass out candy to