Friday, March 11, 2011

Look at this Awesome Giveaway!

Beth Revis, author of Across the Universe, is giving away all five books from the Breathless Reads! You can click on the picture below to check it out on her blog! What a fabulous giveaway!

Review: Glass Houses (The Morganville Vampire Series Book One)

Title: Glass Houses (The Morganville Vampire Series Book One)
Author: Rachel Caine
Published by New American Library, a division of Penguin Group
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Description (from Goodreads):
It's a small college town filled with quirky characters. But when the sun goes down, the bad comes out. Because in Morganville, there is an evil that lurks in the darkest shadows - one that will spill out into the bright light of day.
Claire Danvers has had enough of her nightmarish dorm situation. The popular girls never let her forget just where she ranks on the school's social scene: somewhere less than zero. And Claire really doesn't have the right connections - to the undead who run the town.
When Claire heads off campus, the imposing old house where she finds a room may not be much better. Hew new roommates don't show many signs of life. But they'll have Claire's back when the town's deepest secrets come crawling out, hungry for fresh blood...


Wow, the girls in this book are so mean! The popular clique at school is just as scary as the vampires. These aren't your vegetarian, sparkling, do-good vampires either. Yikes.

I have to say that I love the newer covers to this series! So pretty! The old cover for this book makes me not want to read it. Yuck!  The new covers are so nice. Yes, I am a sucker for pretty covers. I totally admit it.

I liked this story. Overall, it was interesting and had a different take on vampires than the other ones I have read. It wasn't all that predictable, which I like.

I will definitely be continuing on with the series. I hope the next book has more of the vampires (I want to know more about them!) and more of a romantic connection. I feel like the romance in the this one needed some more stuff to back it up and it sort of came out if no where.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to see where the story goes!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review: Need

Title: Need
Author: Carrie Jones
Published by Bloomsbury
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Zara collects phobias the way other high school girls collect lipsticks. Little wonder, since life’s been pretty rough so far. Her father left, her stepfather just died, and her mother’s pretty much checked out. Now Zara’s living with her grandmother in sleepy, cold Maine so that she stays “safe.” Zara doesn’t think she’s in danger; she thinks her mother can’t deal.

Wrong. Turns out that guy she sees everywhere, the one leaving trails of gold glitter, isn’t a figment of her imagination. He’s a pixie—and not the cute, lovable kind with wings. He’s the kind who has dreadful, uncontrollable needs. And he’s trailing Zara.


I really enjoyed the way that Carrie Jones writes. She adds unusual descriptions of the scenes that kind of give you a glimpse into the way her character is thinking. It was unique and I loved it!

I'd describe this book as a kinda Twilight meets Shiver meets a new twist.

The way she began each chapter with a phobia was so neat and quirky! I enjoyed reading a new phobia each time, and found myself smiling when Zara recited them to herself.

The only thing holding it back from it being a perfect book was a tiny lack in character development. I'm hoping to get to know the characters in the next book! I can't wait to read it!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Welcome to Little This!

I really wanted a blog where I could post about lots of different things. You know a little of this, a little of that (and that is where I got the name little this for my blog).
I used to have two separate blogs; one for photography and one to share photos and tidbits about my daughter, Charlotte. I would also love to have a place to keep track of some of my favorite recipes and a place to talk about all of the books I have been reading. So this blog will be about lots of stuff!
The problem with having a specialized blog is that I don't always have something to say in one area. Plus, it's super hard trying to keep up with more than one blog! This way I'll at least have something to post about: photography, a great new read, my kiddo, or a yummy new recipe.
I'm excited to get started! Beware: this might get wordy!
My name is Jennifer and I'm a 28 year old mommy and wife. My wonderful, silly, crazy and beautiful daughter Charlotte is almost three (holy moly, where did the time go??). My husband Mario is one of the nicest people ever. We met when we were 16 and worked at a pizza place. We've been together over 11 years and married for almost four! We have 2 kitties and a dog: Daisy, Isabelle and Ben. I'm sure I'll share them with you too. :)
I have always loved reading. I just love picking up a book and getting lost in a new world. When I was in high school and college reading sat on the back burner. Now that I'm at home with my daughter I have more time to read!
I am not a great chef or anything: I'm just trying to find healthy, tasty recipes to feed my family. So I'll probably post my favorites on here to share and keep track of them.
I have always wanted to learn about photography, but never really the opportunity until my daughter was born. She was TERRIBLE at sleeping in her own bed and I ended up having to hold her while she napped. Well, there's not a whole lot you can do while you are holding a sleeping baby. Solution: research photography on the computer while she sleeps. I read, and read, and read. Photography is just a hobby for me right now, and I have lots of room for improvement, but I love it. Oh! and I'm lazy and don't always edit my pics either. Shhh!

The posts previous to this one were imported from my old blogs, so the formatting is all crazy! Sorry! 

Monday, April 26, 2010

She's Two!

Time has gone by so quickly. Her two year appointment was today, and she is looking great! She is healthy and very smart for her age. We are so proud of her and love her so so so much.

For her second birthday party she picked a Hello Kitty theme. She talked about it for weeks!

She loves Disney's Little Einsteins, and this card sang their theme song when she opened it. She LOVED it. Isn't it funny what kids are entertained by?

The cake! It was white cake with strawberry and cream filling. Yum.

Party over... success! She's two! everone gone and changed into pj's

...and all ready for bed

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Springtime is awesome!

We can finally go out and enjoy the parks. Today we went to Charlotte's favorite park, which she has named "the bee park" because of one of the bouncy bee toys there. It's amazing how much she has grown since last spring. Last year she could hardly even walk. Now she has not problem conquering the whole park by herself!

At nap time today she told Mario and I that she dreams about her "bee park". So sweet.

This is the frog that is opposite the bee

Swinging! Weee!

Running across the bridge

Trying the big kid swing

Can you believe she can climb this almost by herself? Crazy!

Watching other kids

"I too high!"

Climbing everything


Eating pineapple and making smoothies

Friday, February 26, 2010

Just Chilling Out

Charlotte was actually sitting still for a few moments and didn't run away and hide when I pulled out my camera, so I actually got to practice on her for a moment!