Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Last day! Virginia's visit

Day Five

This visit seemed to go by so quickly! They always do, but this one just zoomed on by. We are all so lucky that Virginia was able to come and visit as much as she has this year, though. This was her last day. Not really even a last day, but just the morning that we had to take her to the airport.

Packing up

Virginia wanted to take some of the beautiful fall leaves but didn't get a chance to. I got a picture of one on our car that morning though!

Charlotte wasn't so happy about getting up early

Walking with Charlotte in the parking garage

I actually like the brightness in this one

Checking in

Playing around with Grandma's suitcase

Silly girl


Saying their goodbyes

Love from Gandma

Watching Grandma go through security

Grandma Virginia's Trip - part three

Day Four

We went over to my parent's house and hung out for the day. My mom and Virginia bonded over wine, and we all had a great time.

Mario making a weird face.

My dad and mom

Playing around

Chowing down on Grandma Brandner's Chex Mix


Charlotte all bundled up

Diablo. Charlotte talks about him a lot. The first thing she asks Grandma Brandner on the phone usually is "Diablo?", as if to ask how he is doing.

Mario and Virginia

Razor. Don't worry, Charlotte loves him too!

Nathan talking about the Roman Empire (or something history related) with Virginia

Whatever he was talking about must have been pretty interesting. Or shocking.

She loves bathtime in their sink

Grandma Brandner giving Charlotte a bath

Grandpa checking out her teeth

One of my favorite pictures of her trip up here

Eating Oreos with Granma Viginia after we got back home

Virginia's Visit - part two

Sorry this is so late! We just got back from vacation (pictures to come soon!). I had oped to get these up before we left. Anyways, here you go!

day three (continued)

Charlotte throwing a fit about leaving the park (crazy hair and all)

I really like this picture for some reason

After our walk in the park we met with Jo and Amanda at the Widmer Brewery (they make my favorite beer!).

The beer on tap.

Charlotte having a good time at the brewery

What else? Mario watching sports

Jo and Charlotte making funny faces together

Virginia taking a picture of the brewery decor

Just hanging out

Charlotte's drink. It's just milk!

After our meal we had to take Virginia to VooDoo donughts. This place is wacky, and a their humor is just a tiny bit dirty.

The whole building is pink! So is their van.



A happy Grandma

Charlotte hanging out in the rocking chair. Where else can you go and get a doughnut and relax in a rocking chair?

Hmm, a bit of that dirty humor.

Yummy doughnuts! The combinations are crazy, but so good!

Charlotte in her carseat

Yes, yes that is captain crunch berries on that doughnut

Even weirder is the maple doughnut with bacon. Yes, bacon. I also picked up a dozen to take to my family's house the next day. Matthew, my brother, wanted nothing to do with them when he found out all the dirty names. Ha ha ha!!!

Charlotte's doughnut. A 'Dirty Snowball'. LOL

I can't even tell you what the name of this doughnit on here. Too dirty for a little's girl's photo blog!