Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Grandma Virginia's Trip - part three

Day Four

We went over to my parent's house and hung out for the day. My mom and Virginia bonded over wine, and we all had a great time.

Mario making a weird face.

My dad and mom

Playing around

Chowing down on Grandma Brandner's Chex Mix


Charlotte all bundled up

Diablo. Charlotte talks about him a lot. The first thing she asks Grandma Brandner on the phone usually is "Diablo?", as if to ask how he is doing.

Mario and Virginia

Razor. Don't worry, Charlotte loves him too!

Nathan talking about the Roman Empire (or something history related) with Virginia

Whatever he was talking about must have been pretty interesting. Or shocking.

She loves bathtime in their sink

Grandma Brandner giving Charlotte a bath

Grandpa checking out her teeth

One of my favorite pictures of her trip up here

Eating Oreos with Granma Viginia after we got back home

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