Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It's been a while since I really got to photograph someone other than my family! I was excited (and a bit nervous!) to take some pictures of our family friends Katie, Gale, and their beautiful daughter Montana. They do so much for our family and I hope that I was able to do a little something for them.

Montana has a smile that can light up a room! She is fast and crazy to keep up with though! Man, I was sore for a couple days running after her. I think the photos I got made it totally worth it though! I can't wait to take more pictures for them!

Here is a sneak peek at the photos I was able to capture for them. There are quite a few of them here! Thanks for waiting so long. Hope you like them Katie and Gale!

I started out with them on the playground:

Montana has the most beautiful hair


Doesn't she have the most adorable dimples? Her smile is just so contagious

There is just something I really like about this one

After the playground Montana and I ran over to the shore of the river:

I love detail shots

Drawing in the sand

Eye contact and a smile! Perfect score!

The family!


  1. Jennifer these are so great! You just keep on amazing me :)


  2. I LOVE THEM!!! :) Katie-