Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Picture of the Day

Day One Hundred Forty Six

This is an older picture from last month. I think this duck has pretty coloring.

Day One Hundred Forty Seven

This is also a picture form last month that I didn't have the opportunity to share yet. I just love spring when the ducks and geese have their babies! Aren't they adorable?

Day One Hundred Forty Eight

I love this picture! It's from my mom's birthday.

Day One Hundred Forty Nine

We found a fantastic new park that I am so excited to go take more pictures at! I was taking a picture of these flowers and this little guy landed right on them!

Day One Hundred Fifty

So this is not a terribly interesting photo, but it has a purpose. One of the first basic rules in photography says that if you are unsure of what settings to use to get a proper exposure you should set your ISO and shutter speed at 100, then put your aperture at f/16. It's called the f/16 rule. It worked! This picture came out perfectly exposed!

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