Monday, June 29, 2009

Picture a day

It has been so difficult to keep up with this lately! I have quite a few days where I didn't even get the chance to pick up my camera, so I will probably just edit some other pictures for those days. Better than giving up! It's been a crazy month, but I hope to refocus and concentrate on my photography.

Day One Hundred Thirty Four

This rose is from The Rose Garden in Portland. It's beautiful this time of the year!

Day One Hundred Thirty Five

Another picture from The Rose Garden! I love all of the different colors.

Day One Hundred Thirty Six

My beautiful little girl, deep in thought.

Day One Hundred Thirty Seven

I saw the rays poking through the clouds while at the park with my friend Tina. It was so pretty! I love the weather in Oregon (most of the time anyways!).

Day One Hundred Thirty Eight

My kitties just love the nice weather! They are just dying to get out. Sorry kitties! It's not safe with all of the traffic around here.

Day One Hundred Thirty Nine

At the park.

Day One Hundred Forty

A lone water lily.

Day One Hundred Forty One

I know this picture isn't perfect, but I think it's so sweet. I wish she could stay this little a while longer. It goes by so quickly!

Day One Hundred Forty Two

My husband, daughter, and one of our friends, Sissy.

Day One Hundred Forty Three

I am not usually a Nike fan, but these shoes are freaking adorable! I just love them on her.

Day One Hundred Forty Four

My husband, striking a pose for me.

Day One Hundred Forty Five

I can't believe she can color already! Where has the time gone?

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