Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Picture a Day

I am falling behind! I am excited though because I have some people who want me to take their portraits and I can't wait! I need a model who will sit still. A one year old who can't sit still is not an easy subject! Anyways, on with the project...

Day One Hundred Twenty Five

I know I love this one because she is my little girl - mommy goggles are in full effect

Day One Hundred Twenty Six

Our dog Ben. He is tough to get a decent picture of because he is all black, but this one came out pretty nicely.

Day One Hundred Twenty Seven

The sky was so beautiful this night! I wish I could have captured how truly awesome it really was. it is impossible to capture the color of the sky and the brightness of the moon at the same time though. Trust me, it was breathtaking.

Day One Hundred Twenty Eight

We had a crazy rainstorm start up out of nowhere. It was crazy!

Day One Hundred Twenty Nine

Isn't thins little guy cute?? He was so tiny that it was difficult to photograph him.

Day One Hundred Thirty

One of my BFF's (Amanda).

Day One Hundred Thirty One

Cute little tootsie wootsies. I just love pictures of all the little details in life.

Day One Hundred Thirty Two

Charlotte seriously loves water.

Day One Hundred Thirty Three

She is always making faces like this at me.

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