Wednesday, March 11, 2009

She is such a big girl...

Can you all believe that she is already 11 months old? Next month is her first birthday, and that is so bitter sweet. It's sad that she will no longer be a little baby. The time just flies by so fast. We love that she is growing and it's awesome to watch her grow into this amazing person. We can't wait to see what the next year brings!

Charlotte's fifth tooth just popped out two days ago, and her sixth tooth is following right behind! Poor thing.

She can stand on her own now (although she's a bit wobbly), and can walk a few steps! She doesn't have great balance yet, but soon she will be running all around, we're sure!

Her vocabulary consists mostly of "dad" and "hi", but she is stating to say "hot" and "yay". She waves when she says hi and can sign 'milk'. If she wants anything or wants to know what it is, she points at it and says "uh?". So cute!

Anyways, on to some recent pictures:

playing around on the mall toys just to take a little break from shopping. It is a pretty slow mall, so she had the area to herself.

She really LOVES yogurt smoothies. She drank most of this and didn't share much with dad.




Yay! This is so yummy!

Dad finally getting a little of his breakfast


I just love pictures of her sleeping in her crib. She is getting so much better at going to sleep on her own and at a set time. Finally. This is one of my recent favorites.

...And this one just makes me laugh!

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  1. Jennifer! I love ALL these pictures. I get teary eyed thinking how fast she is growing up! I'm so glad you are creating this historical document of her growth! This means so much to me and dad -- since we can't be there to see it all first hand! We love you guys!