Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hanging out at the Zoo...

So, I just posted right below this updating on all that Charlotte is up to, but I also had some cute zoo pictures to share too! Don't forget to check out the post after this one. :)

Looking at the Lorikeets (the birds are in the enclosure and you can walk right in an give them juice)

She understands the word "bird" from watching them in our backyard at the bird feeder, so she really enjoyed this.

With dad by the salt water tanks

Looking at the bats with Amanda

Looking at the mommy and new baby elephant

Watching a coin go around and around the donation bin

Looking at the orangutans

The orangutan checking her out! At first they were ignoring all of the people looking at them, but then one of them put their face right up to her! It was so funny.

"Did you all see that?"

"Well that was neat"

It's almost spring! A few tiny flowers were blooming!

Close up

Chilling out in the stroller

Saying goodbye to our friend Carol. She's leaving to Montana to be closer to family soon and we are so sad! We are happy she will be with loved ones though.

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