Monday, May 4, 2009

Days Ninety One Through Ninety Five

Day Ninety One

Thes mushrooms were on the side of the path at one of the parks we like to go to. This is one of my favorite recent shots!

Day Ninety Two

Oops! I almost forgot to take a picture this day! Good thing one of my kitties was being a willing model.

Day Ninety Three

Today was one of my best friend's birthday, and we went to OMSI to celebrate!

This was a body that's different body parts lit up when you pushed corresponding buttons. I had never been but had been meaning to go for forever. We had so much fun!

Day Ninety Four

My daughter Charlotte again. Her hair is always this crazy. I just can't control it! She loves to play in this little fountain we have outside.

Day Ninety Five


Her long, beautiful eyelashes don't come from me unfortunately!

I just love little bows.

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