Friday, August 29, 2008

A day at the Waterfalls (Columbia Gorge)

We have some beautiful places to go to here in Oregon! We tried taking Charlotte to the waterfalls when Virginia (Mario's mom) was here, but the weather was terrible. Today was a perfect day! It was also the perfect opportunity to test out the new camera.

Waterfall peeking through the trees

Charlotte and her daddy Mario

Sitting in her stroller

another peeking through the trees shot

Charlotte and the waterfall

the sun peeking through

Bottom of one of the falls

Beatiful blue skies

Charlotte, look at the camera...

Charlotte and mommy

Charlotte and her mommy again

The stairway to the base of one of the falls

By the water

top of the waterfall

Look at that Charlotte!

Looking at the camera. finally.

Cute stuff

Caught them both making funy faces!


Sittin by a tree

wow! What's this green stuff?

grrr...I am going to pull all of this stuff up

neat stuff

ok, time to head home!

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