Friday, October 2, 2009

Eating, Playing, and Hanging Out

Sitting on the wheelbarrow and feeding the horses with Grandpa Brandner

Playing with Grandpa!

After a long day Grandma Brandner gives Charlotte a bath

Bath time in the sink

Mario and Jo had a guys night and the next morning Charlotte and I met them over at the Stepping Stone Cafe. Charlotte had her very own Mancake! It was bigger than the plate!

Charlotte had a blast at breakfast! She loved her 'mancake'!

She loves climbing stairs

Um, ok Charlotte. What the heck is this face for?

Eating Subway with mom

Goofy girl

Drinking from her sippy cup

Playing on a play gym at her favorite park

I love this one


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  1. She is GORGEOUS! Unbelievable! She seems so much older than she is -- a little grown up!