Sunday, October 18, 2009

Charlotte's Excited for Halloween!

Charlotte is at such a fun age right now! This year she is old enough to understand Halloween, and she just loves everything about it so far. We went and picked out a costume last week- she's going to be a bumble bee! She loves it. Trick or treating is going to be a blast! We meant to put up our decorations a couple weeks ago, but then we all got sick and it was cold and dreary out. We finally got them put up this week! Yay! I am going to be sad when it's all over and I'm going to miss her saying "Haween!" (Halloween) all the time. But there are even more holidays coming up to be excited about, so it won't be too bad.

All ready to put out the decorations! bundled up in her gloves and awesome new boots.

Helping dad

Mario helping the witch that "crashed" into our yard get situated

All done!

We have light-up pumpkins and a light up tree!


Ben hanging outside with us

Playing with the leaves

Some other stuff....

Watching Mr. Rogers. This is still the only thing she will watch on tv. I love how she is just chilling out here.

Playing Xbox with Uncle Nathan

She thought it was funny to push his buttons! (In more ways than one! Ha!)

Had to bribe her with french fries to get her to just sit and watch

Playing with a light up toy

kind of neat, but kind of creepy!

Eating a pomegranate. This little girl loves fruit.

Playing on the "ribbit"; One of her favorite things ever! If I ask her what she wants to do, it's always "Ribbit ribbit! Bee!"

the super tough choice: frog or bee???

Swinging over the slide

I see you!

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