Saturday, November 8, 2008

Seven months!

I say this a lot, but WOW, time had flown. It has taken a while to update here, sorry! For some reason I am having one heck of a time trying to get some photos posted (like the post before that has them cut in half). If you find a picture you like and want a bigger copy of it, just let us know. For now they are just going to have to be small.

Reading about kitties with daddy

Playing in the playpen

smooshie face!

hi mom!

Eating dinner


little feet

look at that crazy hair! It's getting so long.

yummy teething ring.

Another teething ring. Can you tell she is teething?

Supporting the Braves in style.

high five!

time to put your shoes on

Fall leaves on the drive to the Brandner's

looking at the horses

Ginger hanging out with us.

Just sitting on the bench.

Charlotte and Matthew.

ok, enough of you matthew

let's see how this tastes



mom, i have had enough of the leaves. I'm done.

Riding in the wheelbarrow

ok let's get out of the hay

I wanna go outside with the dogs.

Playing with Grandpa Brandner

Standing like a big girl without her shoes.

At home, hanging out in the kitchen.

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  1. Jennifer...your calling is calling!! You can make some serious money as a photog! YOU ARE THAT GOOD!!! And just is something you can do part time and out of your home!!! Oooh lala!!